Building Trust is Crucial During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Aug 31

Now is the best time to build relationships with your clients and with potential clients. People are scared of the uncertainty. Building trust will help give your brand a positive perception, potentially get more clients, and most importantly show your current clients you truly care. Our daily lives are changing but this is not the time to sit silent. This is the time to get creative and figure out ‘how can I be of service to my clients and show them that my brand cares’.

Speak To The Need Of Your Audience

Crafting a message that will hit home is based on how well you know your target audience. If you know the goals, values, challenges, and pain points of your clients, sending a ‘Covid-19 Response Email’ will be a piece of cake. If you do not know the intricate details of your audience this is an opportunity to connect with your audience and build a relationship with your customers and prospects that may have been non-existent. The goal of many Americans consumers is to preserve their income and/or generate income. Many value financial stability more now than ever. Their challenge right now is generating enough income / revenue. The pain point for many is not being able to provide for their family and/or sustaining their livelihood. If you are in B2B industry your client’s pain point may be thinking their business is going to fail.

So what can you do?

Become a helping hand. Share information with your audience on ways they can overcome some of their challenges or pain points. If your service is not positioned to directly help refer them to outside resources that can be of assistance.

Try These Strategies

Many people are assuming that discounting their services is going to be the golden ticket. If that is the first reaction, it may not be received well. The honest truth is this, people are not thinking about your services right now, because they have bigger problems. You can change this! Show up as the knight in shining armor, and strategically help them. In doing so, they may realize your service is exactly what they need or they may make the mental note to use your services when things turn around for them. I am not saying not to sell right now, I am saying to be strategic about it. Consider this:

  • Give away a free offer / free resources

  • Keep the same rate but give additional ancillary services (value added services)

  • Provide payment plans

  • Develop a new service

Take It A Step Further

Once this is over what challenges are going to arise for your audience? What services or resources can you offer? What partnerships can you develop that can help to provide services to your market. The beauty of being in the service-based industry is that you have the ability to create a service with minimal overhead expense. Get creative.

This is a really great time to be authentic in your marketing communications. It doesn't hurt to let your audience know that you are also concerned with the uncertainty, but let them know that the most important thing right now is to stay level headed to be able to navigate the unfamiliar terrain.

A Couple Quick Tips:

  • Do choose sensitive verbiage

  • Do not solely push your promotions

  • Don't induce fear

  • Don't be oblivious to what is occurring around you

  • Do continue to show you are committed to your clients

  • Do continue to show that you care after this is over

  • Do master content marketing for your brand

  • Do be authentic

  • Do remain customer focus

Avoid the dangers of doing nothing. If you decide to do nothing you are actually doing something. People will realize your truest intentions if you resume your communications with them after everything is over. Provide hope and think beyond the dollar. People are going to remember the brand's, that showed up in their time of need. Don't just say you care, show you care.

If you need assistance in devising a plan on how to communicate with your clients during this time email me at, let’s see how I can assist.

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