Compliant Online Marketing For Financial Professionals

Updated: Apr 6

Online Marketing for Financial Professionals

At first glance, it might not seem possible to remain within industry regulations—and market online as a financial professional.

To market your services online start by centering your marketing strategy around the customers journey (also known as the buyers journey), you can take an educational approach to online marketing that is well-within compliance.

Before we dive into understanding what the customer journey is and how it can help, I must warn, I need you to become multiple people to help with understanding the power of each stage.

Here we go... The 3 Stages Of The Customer Journey In the Awareness stage your potential client is trying to identify what the problem is.

Take off your financial representative hat and become a teacher. In order to excel at this stage of the buyers journey you must pinpoint the problem they need to overcome and share why this will help reach their goals. Using a blog to meet your potential client at this stage is good for 3 reasons,

1. Most research is done online prior to contacting a company: be where they are.

2. Blogs help your website rank higher on search engines: get found online.

3. Your potential client now has noticed your business: build brand awareness.

In the Consideration stage, your potential client understands their is a problem and is looking for ways to solve it. This is where you become a coach. A great coach knows what needs to be done and provides a playbook (per se) that helps the player to understand what to do.This is the perfect time to offer checklists, tips, and resources. By doing so it will build trust and brand yourself as an authority. In the Decision stage they are ready to take the leap, making now the time to address their fears and concerns. This is where the consultant shows up. No, you can’t make any promises, but you can provide guidance and share decision-making information or even offer a free consultation. Why These 3 Stages Matter Understanding the journey your potential client is on will ensure you provide the appropriate information when they are ready to receive it. There is no bigger turn off then to have the consultant show up when your potential client was looking for a teacher. At each stage offer free content in exchange for their opt-in email address. From this point continue to engage with stage specific information until they are sales ready. The goal is to generate inbound leads with targeted content marketing.

Capturing inbound leads generates

3 times as many leads

as the outbound marketing

you are accustomed to,

and costs 63 percent less.

Content Marketing Institute

Even with these impressive statistics, says 80% of small businesses are not using content marketing yet, and this number is even higher for financial professionals who have regulatory concerns. But as you can see now, your options are not as limited as you once imagined. Kick Starting Your Digital Content The secret to successful content marketing is to find ways to turn targeted content designed for every stage of the customer journey. Then turn them into multiple formats to expand your reach. A blog can be turned into a free opt-in worksheet, social media posts, video etc. Wearing Too Many Hats Not to worry! You don’t need to learn how to do this yourself—we offer a Content LeadGen kit. Contact us to learn how we can take 15 minutes of your expertise and turn it into multiple pieces of content your audience wants.