9 Business Tools That Will Keep Costs Low

No matter what stage your business is in, keeping cost low is as essential as increasing cash flow. I’m a frugalpreneur. One way I keep cost low is by utilizing free business resources.

Check out some of my favorite resources:

Screen Sharing

Join.me and Screenleap are online presentations tools. It has been very convenient to open these tools and give a prospective client a tour or do a training. Join.me is easy to use however it requires the attendee to download the application to access the presentation. Screenleap’s free version allows you to use it for one hour per day. The attendee can access your presentation without any downloads.

Not a Graphic Designer but Need Visuals?!

I LOVE Canva. It has about 50,000 templates to utilize. My graphic design friends will be mad at me for this one. However, at times I need to save a few bucks or need something immediately. Play around with it to see what you can create for your brand.

Document Management

If you have an “organized mess” stop and use this amazing document management system called… Google Docs. This tool can be easily overlooked as a tool for business. It can be accessed from anywhere. All the information, no matter where you change it, will be the same because it is cloud based.

Project Management

With Asana you are able to create multiple projects, add details of the project, delegate tasks to team members, establish deadlines and leave notes for teammates. The mobile version offers the opportunity to work away from the office and track the progress for projects.

Managing Content

Ever find an article or website and have a hard time locating it a second time? Pocket has helped mw kewp my research organized. Typically I'm on my cell phone when I find great content and I immediately save it my pocket app to revisit at a later time.

Email Marketing

With email marketing your reports reveal how well your messages are being received through the analysis of opens and clicks.With Mailchimp’s free version you can have 2000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails per month. Mailchimp does a great job at simplifying email marketing and marketing automation to help businesses master this component of digital marketing.

Email address (small cost)

Gmail offers the opportunity to buy a professional email based on your domain. They start as low as $5 a month. Info@marketingvpro.com looks much better than marketingpro@gmail.com. The business email address also solidifies your brand in the mind of your potential customer.

Scheduling Emails

For all the hustlers who never sleep and send emails at 2 o’clock in the morning, Boomerang may be a better option. This Google Chrome extension allows you to send it at anotherday and time.

Learning Tools

Those who are a success never stop learning. SCORE, is apart of SBA (Small Business Administration), has ongoing webinars on various business topics. Set time aside to do at least one webinar a month. You may learn something that can help your business grow.

Research free business tools. You will be amazed at what resources are available. I wouldn’t recommend to sign up for every free tool, unless you are ready to have a popular inbox. Determine what your current processes are and find the tool that can help automate, delegate, or eliminate time consuming tasks.

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