Quick Bitts: No Time for Social Media Marketing, Delegate it!

Like the internet, Social Media is here to stay. We live in a digital age where almost everything we do is simplified. Why should it be any different with marketing your business? It's not! Utilization of social media embodies the phrase, 'Work smarter not harder'.

One of the biggest concerns of a small business is, “How can I run my business and still have time for marketing efforts”? Don't fret my fellow entrepreneurs, being a business owner is all about delegation. Here are a few options...


Employee Engagement: Train an employee to update your sites with relevant, educational, and valuable content.

Pro: Already familiar with your brand

Con: Can interfere with current duties

Hire an Intern: College students are looking to gain experience.

Pro: Money Saver

Con: Low hands-on experience

Partner with a Marketing Organization: Most companies offer Social Media Marketing.

Pro: Understands the art of marketing via Social Media.

Con: The financial investment could be a stretch for an owner with a tight budget.

Evaluate your goals, desired results, and resources. Invest in your business and push your brand forward!

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