Meet the Marketing Connoisseur

A Marketing Connoisseur is one who specializes in Marketing. Rochelle Edrington is the name I go by. As the only kid on the block to have gum balls in my icee's, I outsold my neighbors. With signs on all surrounding streets pointing to the bake sale on grandma's porch, I was left taking orders for more cookies and cakes. While still wearing pigtails, I understood marketing, entrepreneurship, and the power of having a competitive advantage.

My experience with business to business and business to consumer sales has helped me to become a well rounded marketer. I had the opportunity to employ many of my leading-edge marketing ideas that increased revenue.

With a Bachelors degree in Marketing, Certification in Social Media and email marketing, 8+ years of sales and marketing experience, and passion for entrepreneurship & promotions, I am well equipped to help small businesses. My mission is to assist small businesses increase sales by employing innovative marketing tactics and implementing a solid Social Media program.

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