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On a mission to help service-based business owners attract more clients and stakeholders by improving their online marketing strategy and sales process.

In 2016 I founded Vpro Marketing & Sales because I realized many business owners wanted more clients or donors but did not have the working pieces in place. Many times:

  • There was no strategy to identify when and where to invest resources


  • There were no initiatives to generate new leads


  • There was no process in place to handle the influx of new leads or keep in touch with old and new contacts

this would lead already overwhelmed business owners down a road of disappointment. In some cases some would abandon the idea of incorporating online marketing because they did not see the results they desired.

MY VISION is to help more small business owners master marketing, strengthen sales to leave a legacy.

This is accomplished by helping clients to align their content, marketing, and sales efforts to develop an inbound marketing strategy that attract their ideal client and setting up automated systems that help to manage and convert new leads into clients.

One shouldn’t have to risk the growth of their business due to the uncertainty of how to attract clients online

Founder & CEO

Rochelle Edrington

Certified Marketing & Sales Specialist

Vpro Marketing & Sales Reviews
Vpro Marketing & Sales Reviews
Vpro Marketing & Sales Reviews
Vpro Marketing & Sales Reviews
Vpro Marketing & Sales Reviews
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